Monday, March 16, 2009

ummm i guess!

Que Pasa?!?!
Ook so where can i possibly start... i woke up this morning...[thank ya lawd] debating if i wanted to go to school or not [there goes that lazy bumassness] so i get to school [on time for a change] and it ended up being a pretty good day ok so this isn't funny but it's kind there's this guy...who sat with me at lunch today....****[note] i was alone the first 15 minutes due to the fact my lunch buddies left and went to the store WITHOUT ME.... but anywhoo this guy can i say it without being so blunt...hmmmmmmm [thinking] ok ok i got it...this guy is somewhat slow as in a slight retardation of the brain and he was seriously embarassing me....he was yelling "you sound funny" [in his slurred voice]...and i was like peyton....shhhhhhh BE QUIET YOU'RE LOUUUD!!! then everyone stopped and stared and all i could do is put my head down....can u say EMBARRAAASSSSSEEEDDDD!! ugh i hate those awkward moments...then i was comes my lunch buddies [ Chanese...Amber....and Kecia] Boy was i happy to see them... it wasn't so bad because they were embarrassed with me...dealing with his constant yelling!!!!!
yeaaaaaaaaaaaa sooooooooooooo....
oh yea i have a self portrait due tomorrow its gonna be the BOMB like TIK TIK lol [lame]...

XOXO lollii
Ok so im baaaaaacckkkkk [10:38 pm]
i'm somewhat done cleaning my 95% complete
i had planned to do my home homework...[mission aborted]
it wasn't that much though just 5 problems in calculus and a self-portrait for art it's nothing i can't handle in first period...
ohhhh yea so i take cap and gown pics tomorrow...[EXCITING]
and then Wednesday is senior portraits in the French Quarter...[how about bourbon and hand grenades, eh????] NAHHHHH!!
LAWD!!! This tangley stringy shit i like to call hair is getting on my nerves....i should go and flatiron it with my hot pink chi, eh??....tomorrow definetley!!!
gosh ima ham for the really excited about tomorrow and wednesday!!!
ok lets see im running out of thoughts and i dnt want to stop blogging...lets see whats going on in the newssssssss...[hmmmm...searching]
"Madonna Considering Second Malawian Adoption!"
ok soooooo what's up with these haggared ass white women adopting all these black babies...dnt get me wrong i give them kudos for helping someone who needs a home but i think they are doing it for all the wrong reasons..i guess having an "ethnic baby "[what they like to call us blacks] is the new trend...don't tote these kids like an the long run they'll figure it are setting them up for pretty sure that they have kids in the same condition in europe....[i hate to sound this blunt but need in hiding feelings] im not a racist and i love all people it just seems to be a publicity's like when they are slipping down from an a-lister to a b-lister a little bell rings "hey why dnt we adopt a black baby"...if her heart is in the right place then im happy for you if not i feel sorry for you!!!
luv ya
XOXO La'Bella


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